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10 Quick And Easy Dating Tips

Are you wondering how to date a man in this confusing age of shifting norms? If you’re not sure about the “rules” of dating someone, you may back off from dating or feel unsure about what to do and say if you do get asked out. Learning what to do while on a date is not that difficult with a few helpful ideas in mind. The following tips provide information and support on how to date today so you can move ahead with full confidence. Becoming informed about how to date a man can open a new world of fun times and great relationships.

* Be SelectiveDon’t go out with just anyone for the sake of dating. Be careful about following others’ advice on how to date men for self-fulfillment. You could make a big mistake if you start dating to fill a void inside yourself—only you can fill that!

Look in the right places for the most suitable dating candidates. This means getting out of your house and spending more time at bookstores, coffeehouses or local places you and your friends go to have fun. When you meet eligible bachelors, be choosy in selecting those with whom you will have the best chance of success. If you get the feeling “been there done that” when you meet someone new, trust your instincts and hold out for someone more compatible.

* Be Flexible
On the flip side of the coin, don’t set such high standards that it will be impossible to find someone to date. You’re on a mission to find Mr. Right, not Mr. Perfect. As you figure out how to date the right kind of guy for you, try not to be overly picky when your old college roommate introduces you to her brother, or your coworker invites you to dinner. Some blind dates are disastrous, but others can turn out to be pleasantly surprising.
 Pursue Your InterestsRather than focusing only on learning how to date, indulge in other interests and hobbies that will let you explore creative talents. You will meet men who share the same interests, which gives you an automatic connection to build from. Take a class, join a club and meet others who share your enthusiasm. Don’t go searching for men to date; meet them naturally.

* Develop Social Connections
You can’t expect an eligible man to come knocking at your door, though that would be nice! Make a point of establishing social connections that will bring you into contact with many kinds of people. For example, consider joining a church or synagogue where you can explore your spirituality and meet other singles with the same intent. Go out with friends or alone to special events like art shows, book sales and concerts where you may possibly meet eligible men. Even if you don’t, you’ll have a fun time.

* Consider Electronic Dating Options 
Matchmaking websites, speed dating, long-distance relationships, and email pen pals are just a few of the ways that people can learn how to date online. Evaluate several of these before choosing the ones that seem best suited to your needs.
Obviously, you have to be careful not to reveal too much information or get involved with the wrong people after signing up with a dating service or meeting people online at sites like MySpace or FaceBook. But with caution and prudence, you can learn how to find a date in a wider pool of candidates than if you wait to meet guys in person. Check the sponsoring organization’s privacy policy, compare fees and services, and don’t hesitate to bail out if it doesn’t work out the way you expected. If you do meet someone interesting, always play it safe by meeting in a public place the first time you get together.

* Don’t Become Over-Eager
Some women get so excited over meeting someone to date that they become aggressive or pushy, which can be a serious turnoff to any budding relationship. Learn how to date by playing it cool, taking your time and going slow. Many men appreciate the mystique of a poised woman who is confident enough in herself to maintain a friendly and open demeanor while maintaining a sense of reserve. Even if you fall madly into love with a new man, don’t show it by initiating contact or trying to get him to see you more frequently. Let the relationship develop naturally
 Don’t Appear Too Distant If you give a guy the ice queen approach, he may get discouraged and back off rapidly in a quest for someone who is more encouraging. Of course, if you really don’t like him, it’s ok to keep things light and casual. But avoid playing games that keep a man guessing as to whether or not you are interested. Pretending to be coy or modest to inflame a guy’s passion is not cool these days.

* Be Interesting Make a point of keeping up with current events or reading good books so you’ll have something meaningful to talk about. If the two of you share a hobby or interest, you can discuss your experience. Your personality is just as important as your appearance, so don’t neglect that part of your dating identity.

* Be Reliable
If you want to keep a guy’s interest when you date him, be on time and don’t change your mind often. Follow through on whatever you say you’re going to do. First impressions are important, so become the kind of person a guy can trust and depend on to keep her word and not break promises. Character counts
 Be Flexible 
An important aspect of how to date a man is to roll with the punches. Show an understanding side when his work schedule forces him to break a date. Don’t expect him to take you to expensive places all the time. Be willing to see his point of view when you disagree. This doesn’t mean that you have to become a doormat, but rather, that you make an effort to be reasonable and get along. No one likes being around a drama queen.

Learning how to date men, especially if you have been out of the singles loop for a while, can be challenging or even frustrating. The rules have changed in recent years. You’ll have to navigate a completely new course of action if you want to understand how to date someone in the 21st century.

As you learn or re-learn how to date a guy, keep in mind that mistakes will happen. You may find yourself having dinner with someone who turns out to be an absolute creep, but don’t let that turn you off to dating indefinitely. Chalk it up as experience, and move on to the next candidate. Remember that not every throw is a three-point shot. You have to miss a few—or a lot—before scoring. The main thing is to keep at it and do all you can to eventually strike gold.

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