Friday, November 11

At Least 13 Workers Dead After Fire Breaks out at Garment Factory in India

A fire that broke out in a suspected illegal garment factory on the outskirts of the Indian capital, New Delhi, killed at least 13 workers as they slept early Friday in the building.

Uttar Pradesh state authorities said nine other workers were injured, four of them seriously.
The blaze started in the early hours of the morning in the factory, a converted house used to make leather jackets, with a narrow stairway into the basement where the workers slept.
A dozen fire engines put the flames under control after several hours. The cause of the fire is being investigated.
Factory fires are common in India, known for its poor record regarding workplace safety and where deadly accidents are commonplace.
A huge explosion at a fireworks factory last month left eight workers dead in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.
A massive blaze in a firecracker workshop killed 15 people in May 2014 in central Madhya Pradesh.
In November 2013, a fire at a factory where leather bags were being stitched killed six workers in New Delhi. Some of the victims were trapped inside the building and burnt beyond recognition.
According to watchdog entities, South Asia's lucrative garment industry has an alarming safety record as the rules are routinely flouted.