Wednesday, November 16

Black Woman Verbally Attacked by White Pro-Trump Boyfriend for Supporting BLM

The impact of Trump and his racist rhetoric has not only divided the country, it has also divided people in relationships of different backgrounds. A video recorded by Madison Amelia was sent to Brown Girl Squad and shared online.
The clip, which quickly went viral, showed Madison's now ex-boyfriend berating her and all supporters of Black Lives Matter. Madison, who appears to be African-American, was previously in a relationship with a white Trump supporter. In the clip, Madison's ex continuously uses racial slurs to describe how "lazy" Black people are. He then goes on to offensively accuse Black people of being afraid of a Trump presidency because he will "take their food stamps away."
Throughout the clip, Madison remains calm and tells her ex, "You know this makes you look racist."
To which he replies, "I don't care."
When Brown Girl Squad shared the video with Madison's story, she then commented on the post and thanked everyone for their support. She also assured everyone that she is out of the unhealthy relationship. watch the video
Not only have many have come forward to support Madison, but the post encouraged a discussion about respect.